Plans 2024

We currently have no plans for this year.

Parents are, or will be, tested for HCM, PKD, CIN and N/N for GSD IV and PK. Def before the kittens leave our home

If you are interested in a kitten from this combinations, please feel free to contact us.

A kitten from Peruns

All our kittens are raised inside our home together with us, our cats and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Through a catflap they also have access to our fenced cat run.

Our Kittens are ready to leave our home when they are at least 13 weeks old.

They come with an EU Passport and Mundikat (FiFe) pedigree.

Our kittens are fully vaccinated, included Rabies for the ones that move abroad, microchipped and they will get a health certificate from our vet before they leave for their new home.

We provide each kitten with a 1 month free pet insurance, as well they come with a large and nicely filled kitten package with all kind of stuff and food they are used to.

Our Cats and Kittens are fed with Royal Canin in different kind of flavours, starting with Babycat, Kitten, Norwegian Forest Cat and Beauty Cat.

We do not make any decisions about the future homes for our kittens until they are at least 8-10 weeks old. This gives us the opportunity to follow the kittens’ development/personality and make sure to find the best possible home for each kitten.

Therefore we do not work with a waiting list. 

For us it’s most important to have a good connection with the future owner(s) of our kittens, and not the sequence of interest that has been shown to us.

Before making any decisions about the future of our kittens, we first like to meet you in person.

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